Ikelite 6146.01 Underwater Housing for Canon PowerShot G1 X

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For the most discerning of underwater photographers we offer a full-featured yet affordable camera housing for the Canon Powershot G1 X camera. This durable housing is molded of crystal clear polycarbonate for corrosion free operation up to a depth of 200ft (60m). All camera controls except the Diopter adjustment dial and Pop up flash switch are accessible in this very sophisticated housing installation.


The housing comes standard with an optical grade glass flat port which allows full use of the camera's zoom range without vignetting. A flash diffuser is included to improve image quality when using the camera's built-in flash to illuminate the subject.

Special conversion circuitry built in to the housing provides true Canon eTTL exposure connected to any current model Ikelite DS Substrobe. Direct electronic communication between the camera and flash provides the most accurate and consistent exposure information available. Hard-wired flash does not require firing of the camera's built-in flash, allowing the least possible lag time between shots and conserving the camera's precious battery life. A right-angle bulkhead relieves strain on the sync cord during handling and assembly. 

The included tray and release handle offers balance and exceptional handling while providing a convenient attachment point for optional Substrobe mounting arms. The tray assembly is easily removed with just two nuts for packing or attachment of the optional Dual Handle and Tray assembly.

Spare Parts.

#0110 Main housing o-ring

#5020 Silicone lubricant in 4 1cc tubes

Size and Weight.

7.4" wide x 6.4" high x 7.4" deep (10" wide with tray and handle attached)

188mmm x 163mm x 188mm

4.7lb (2130g)

Slightly negative in saltwater for stability

Color Correcting Filters.

Optional color correcting filters replace some of the reds and more natural tones that would otherwise be lost. Available for tropical blue water and green water settings. Filters are effective in shallow, sunny conditions depending on water clarity. For optimum results use in combination with manual white balance (see camera user guide for information on setting custom white balance).

#6441.46 UR/Pro filter for tropical blue water

#6441.86 UR/Pro filter for green water

Trays with Release Handles.

The optional Dual Handle and Tray assembly #9523.62 provides even greater stability and allows for the addition of a second Substrobe or video light. 

Lighting Options.

Ikelite DS series Substrobes are industry favorites for their warm, even coverage and lightning fast recycle time. We recommend convenient and affordable strobe with sync cord packages that provide everything you need to take advantage of "automatic" TTL exposure.

All current model strobes are fully compatible with this TTL system. Older DS substrobes may require circuitry updates.

Special sync cords are available to connect non-Ikelite strobes from Nikonos, Inon, and Sea & Sea. Non-Ikelite strobes can be used in manual modes only.

Strobes with a slave feature can be triggered by the camera's flash or by an Ikelite Substrobe. An included flash deflector prevents the camera's flash from creating backscatter in the image. 

The optional #9571.3 features a 1" (2.5cm) ball for attachment to the top of the release handle. This provides a mounting point for Ultralight, TLC, and other non-Ikelite arm systems.

Lighting Options for Video Recording.

Light is essential to bringing out the vibrancy and colors of underwater life in your video. Several options are available to add a video light to this system: 

The DS161 Movie Substrobe combines the warm, even coverage of our famous Substrobe DS160 with a powerful 500 lumen movie light. This is a perfect way to add performance without adding bulk.

The Pro-V8 LED Light is a compact and affordable 500 lumen video light. It easily doubles as a focus light and is compatible with any still or video system.

The PRO-2800 LED Light is the ultimate lighting choice for superior high definition video. 2800 lumens over a 100° angle of coverage.

External Wide Angle Option.

The WD-4 Wide Angle Conversion Dome corrects for refractive magnification to provide the camera's full angle of coverage underwater. The conversion dome may be removed and replaced underwater and requires no modification to the housing's standard port.

Other external wide angle lenses by Ikelite, Inon, Epoque and other manufacturers are not usable with these cameras.

External Macro Adapter.

Optional adapter #9306.82 (MSRP $50) slides over the front of the lens port and allows for the attachment of 67mm threaded macro lenses from Inon and Epoque. The adapter may be removed and replaced underwater and requires no modification to the housing's standard lens port. Macro lens not available for purchase through Ikelite.

Not for use with 67mm threaded wide angle lenses. External wide angle conversion lenses cannot be used effectively with these cameras.

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