Ikelite 6809.1 Nikon D90 Camera Housing

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Ikelite 6809.1
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Price: $1,799.95
Manufacturer: Ikelite


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The Ikelite Nikon D90 Camera Housing provides neutral buoyancy and superb handling underwater. Installing your camera is quick and simple which any diver can appreciate on a rocking dive boat. The camera controls are placed at your fingertips, and kept water tight with Ikelite's Quad-Ring seal glands. The Ikelite Nikon D90 Camera Housing is molded of clear polycarbonate allowing feature full capabilities, and operates safely to 200 feet (60m).


  • The Ikelite Super-Eye magnifier provided with the housing offers enhanced viewing while wearing a diving mask.
  • Controls for all camera functions are provided with the exception of focus selector lock and diopter adjustment control.
  • AE/AF lock can be activated with your thumb while holding the housing's handle.
  • All camera modes including D-Movie and Live View can be accessed through the housing.
  • The camera's media card and battery can be removed and replaced without removing the camera from the housing tray.
  • The proven reliable Ikelite bulkhead allows for fail-safe connection of external strobes. Right-angle positioning relieves stress on the sync cord even when the housing is laid on its back.
The housing includes iTTL conversion circuitry that puts perfect exposure at your fingertips. The TTL mode provides four 1/3 f/stop increments over or under flash compensation that is added to or subtracted from any compensation entered into the camera. Seven manual power settings in half-stop increments allow for complete creative control. All choices are obtained by simply rotating a knob on the housing back.

The special TTL conversion circuitry operates perfectly with current model Ikelite DS digital SubStrobes. See Update Requirements for strobes produced before Sept. '04.
Non-Ikelite strobes can be used, but they can not provide TTL or be manually controlled through the housing back. Mount and sync cords for Nikonos strobes and sync cords for Inon or Sea & Sea strobes are available.

All ports from our SLR systems can be utilized, allowing use of most macro, wide angle, and zoom lenses. This system allows you to see that the port is sealed. See the Nikon Port Chart to find the appropriate ports for most popular lenses.

The Release Handles allow easy attachment and removal of SubStrobe mounting arms at the touch of a button. Two screws remove the handle and tray assembly for traveling.

Adding the #9571.3 1" (2.5cm) ball at release handle allows for attachment of most non-Ikelite arm systems.

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