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GoPro Red Filter
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Red Filter for GoPro®, commonly know as "The Dome" by SRP, features the patented URPro's dome color correcting system.


Red Filter for GoPro, commonly know as "The Dome" by SRP, features the patented URPro's dome color correcting system. The Red Filter for GoPro gives consistent color correction corner to corner.  Does not introduce mechanical or optical vignetting. Plus the slip over filter design allows the user to effortlessly slip the filter on/off while below the waves. Works with GoPro Dive Housing for HERO HD & HERO2

The Frame Features:

Precision CNC machined black Polyoxymethylene (Delrin®) Houses the URPro "D" series filters (Dome).  Filters can be removed and replaced from the filter housing without tools Integrated clips. Allowing easy installation while maintaining a positive grip, decreasing accidental removal.

Tabs located both top and bottom, aid in easy release  Lanyard attachment holes located on each tab (top and bottom) for more mounting flexibility and user preference.

URPro Dome Filter Features: 

Corner to corner clarity and consistent color correction URPRO optical plastic anti-scratch coating and optical surfaces.  The URPRO Cyan (CYD) filter is ideally suited for tropical blue salt water or clear fresh water at depths of 12 ft to 60 ft.  This filter is the filter we recommend for divers traveling to a tropical island for vacation (i.e. Belize, Cozumel, Caribbean, Maldives, Bora Bora, etc.) !

Remember! Water Depth above the camera + distance to subject = filter distance (12'-60') Impressive results are reported from locations where water is described more Green than Blue as well. Many factors play into the performance. The URPRO filter used in blue-green (cyan) ocean water and direct sunlight will yield the best results.

Conditions at the same location vary, often significantly. The results produced by the URPRO filter will depend upon specific water and light conditions. URPro CYD filter is Scientifically designed underwater color-correcting filter created specifically to correct colors in Caribbean or tropical blue-green (cyan) water.

Utalizing proper sunlight with the URPRO filter provides natural breathtaking beauty of your underwater life  The filter neutralizes the "underwater blues" so that the true colors with already exist are easily recorded. (Reds, oranges and yellows usually exist at depths past 50-100 feet!)

The URPRO filter is PATENTED for its ability to accurately record colors underwater at even great depths of 60-80 feet  The Optical Plastic filters provide the identical full spectrum underwater color correction as the URPro Glass Filters


Perhaps visible when dry, "MINOR FILTER SCRATCHES" will "DISAPPEAR" when the filter is underwater and will NOT affect the image quality because the special URPRO lens material has the same retractive index as water.

After each dive immediately rinse URPRO Optical Plastic filters with fresh water and GENTLY dry with a SOFT CLOTH. Always clean/wipe the filter surfaces when they are wet.

Do NOT use URPRO Optical Plastic filters in any swimming pool containing chlorine.

Do NOT clean any URPRO Optical Plastic filter with lens cleaner, solvents and/or abrasives of any kind.

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